Today I am going to show you HOW TO get into any windows computer without a password.

So let's start !

What You will need:

  • A USB

  • Windows computer with access to the BIOS (BIOS should not be password protected)

  • Kon-Boot --> [direct link below]

After downloading, delete everything on your USB and extract everything from the zip archive to the USB. Run a file called KonBootInstall.exe and wait for the CMD box to open up, it will asks you for the letter of the drive you want to install Kon-Boot onto. Type the letter of the USB drive and press enter. Open the USB drive and it should have 3 files in it.

The files should be: [grldr, konFLOPPY.img, menu.lst]
Your USB is ready!

How to use it

1.Plug in the USB (if it isn't already) and restart the computer.

2.Go to the BIOS [press Esc or F2 or F10] this may vary depending on your computer brand

3.You're in the BIOS, now we have to boot from the USB drive. To do this, look for an option such as Boot Order, Boot Sequence, First Boot Device and select USB as the first device to boot from.

4.Now your computer should boot and come to a menu with one option "Kon-Boot" or "Kon-Boot Floppy Image". Hit enter and let the computer start up.

After Windows has started you should be on the screen where you need to put the password. Just leave the password field blank and click login.

I have tested it on the following systems: Windows XP, Windows 7 32 & 64bit.

I take no credits for the Kon-Boot program.
As always, this tutorial is for educational purpose only. The main purpose is to keep the readers stay informed about these vulnerabilities.

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