HOW TO performe DDOS attacks

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1.What is a DDoS attack?
2.Different kinds of attacks
3.The advanced workings of a booter/stresser/attack tool
4.How to perform a DDoS Attack[/size]

< Introduction >
A DDoS attack. One of the most well known types of internet attacks, though far too many don't know much about it. Often a "Hacker" will download or purchase a booter/stresser online, using it to hit off enemies, not knowing how it works at all.

<1. What is a DDoS Attack? >

A DDoS attack is essentially filling a server, whether it's a game server, website, or home connection with so much traffic that it crashes or severely slows down.
Now the DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service attack) is not to be confused with a DoS (Denial of Service attack). The difference is simply a DDoS attack is using multiple servers to attack, as the DoS attack is using a single server.

<2. Different kinds of Denial of Service Attacks >

There are many different kinds of DDoS attacks. Some are specifically meant for specific types of servers. I'm going to go into depth of the most popular attacks and what servers they are mostly used for.

UDP Attack

The UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is one of the most popular attacks, and is quite powerful. It is often used to take down home connections, (often after getting owned on XBox Tongue), internet servers and game servers, so it is quite generalized.
The UDP Attack utilizes random ports on a server and sends them loads of data at once. This often confuses and slows down the server, sometimes to a total halt for a period of time.

SYN Attack

These attacks are often used against web servers, and are quite genius attacks. This attack almost has a conversation with the server. You'll understand what I mean in a second. First, the attacking server sends a greeting, or synchronize message to the target. It 'greets' the server and starts a 'conversation' with the target. Now the target acknowledges the greeting of the attacking server, and sends an acknowledge message to the attacking server. Now it closes the connection.
Now imagine if the target received hundreds of these greetings, and had to respond and talk to EVERY single one. It would get a little tired, don't you think? Therefore if the attack is powerful enough, and sends loads of these attacks, some of the connections would time out, and the target would get to tired and go to bed, resulting in down time.


Now this attack has been utilized at many different times, including elections. These are often used against web servers, and though they are slowly getting older and outdated, they still work on many servers. These attacks essentially open connections with the server, though in a partial or incomplete connection. Now the attacking server will keep them open as long as possible, as all the targets resources get sucked up, and eventually crashes/halts.

<3. The advanced workings of a booter/stresser/attack tool >

Now this is something that is often left out, though I feel needs to be well known. If you want to be a real hacker, you need to understand how the attack/method your using works, so that you can use it to its full extent, and maybe code a tool better than the one you're using if you'd like to. Either way it's important.

Now a booter/stresser usually has dedicated servers. These are like computers you can connect to over the internet and upload files to them to use.

The booter/stresser uploads the website CSS/HTML (if it's web based), as well as the attack scripts. These can be coded in several different languages. They are coded to attack using methods like the ones specified above. These are often coded by very good programmers, and if they are good can take down a server.
Now if it's programmed based, it's just connecting a GUI or easy navigational menu that connects to the dedicated servers with the scripts uploaded to it and attacks.
Now a booter/stresser doesn't have to be some sophisticated looking thing. Often real hackers will buy a handful of powerful dedicated servers, uploaded their custom scripts, and use a program like metasploit to perform the attack.
Now there's one other kind of thing that people sometimes fall for, that are often useless and dangerous. These are downloadable booters that utilize your internet connection, sending the attacks to the target using your internet and IP, making this a DoS attack. Now in case you don't know both DoS and DDoS attacks are illegal to perform, and if you're using your IP you can get caught easily.

<4. How to perform a DDoS attack >

Now this is one part I'm not going to go into as much detail on. I'd just recommend buying a booter/stresser. They're much easier than using metasploit or a complicated homemade booter, and are sometimes more powerful.

Now there are only a very few booters/stressers I'd recommend. These stressers are powerful with high GBPS (Gigabit per second). If you don't know much about that, don't worry about it and trust me. Basically, the higher the GBPS the more powerful the stresser is.

Here are the only two I recommend. They're both in fantastic price range, and are very powerful.

- Kryptonic stresser []

- Legion Stresser []

As always, this tutorial is for educational purpose only. The main purpose is to keep the readers stay informed about these vulnerabilities.

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